Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Owens River Gorge and Alabama Hills

The last weekend, a group of us decided to head up to Mammoth and climb at Owens River Gorge Saturday and then Alabama Hills on Sunday.  While it was Justin, Nicole, Garrett, Jen, Sarah, and I climbing.  There was also Kooj tele-ing up at Mammoth ski Resort and a few others hiking around the Mammoth area.

On Saturday, the 6 of us climbers headed to Owens River Gorge to do some fun sport routes.  We started the day on China Wall warming up on a 5.10b.  Now looking back, it definitely wasn't a great idea to warm up on a 10b.  But that is just my thought.  Anyway, China Wall was pretty crowded and since we were on a mission to get as many climbs as possible in, we headed off down the path to a 5.10c.  At that point it dawned on me... we are not going to mess around on any easy climbs today.

(Owens River flowing in the Gorge)

Well after all the effort into the 2 5.10's, we walked back to discover China Wall had absolutely no one on it.  So, we all headed over to put up some 8's and 9's.  I decided to lead a 5.8, but unfortunately had to bail after the second bolt because for some odd reason I felt way too scketched out from the last 2 climbs.  This is how I received my nickname... "Two Bolt Timmy".  But, the day went pretty well and ended up getting in a lot of climbs.  After getting lost on the third class scrabble to the top by headlamps, we celebrated with a couple beers at the car.  

On Sunday, we headed back down the 395 and hit up Alabama Hills on the way home.  Started off at Cattle Pocket and climbed some 5.8's, 5.10's, and Justin and Garrett climbed a 5.11a.  After that nice and better "warm up", we headed off to knock out some other climbs at other walls.

(Justin on the 5.11a)

After Cattle Pocket, we headed over to DMX wall and climbed so more 5.8's and 5.9's, before heading over to do a tricky 5.9 and 5.10b.  The 5.9 started off tricky with an awesome crux move at the third bolt.  But the climb is called Friday the 13th, so you know it has to be somewhat awesome.  The 5.10b didn't seem too hard and thinking back, could easily be a 5.10a.  But it is pretty thin at the bottom, so I'll assume the rating is good.

(Myself leading a fun 5.8 arete)

Garrett lead the 5.9 and took his first head fall at the crux.  After getting past the move and to where Nicole was taking pictures, he stated "That falling business is weird, I don't like it!".  So he is now on a mission not to do that.  Haha!

(Garrett on Friday the 13th, 5.9)

After all of us getting in a lot of climbing, we headed off back to L.A. to enjoy another week at work...  we all were not very excited about that.  But who is!?