Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last Minute Valley Trip

"What is there to do this weekend?!?", Dave asks. I reply with a grin, "I think the Valley is where it's at!" So the Valley it is! So after some discussion with Dave and Nicole, we decide to head out after work Thursday and find a campsite around Fish Camp. For those unaware of Fish Camp, Fish Camp is a town thirty minutes from the South entrance of Yosemite.  It worked, but it wouldn't be my first choice since it is like, "A 10 day trek from the valley" as Dave liked to state.

(Yosemite Meadows)

But the great thing was the weather was pretty bomber!  Just HOT!  On Friday, Seth, Dave, Nicole, and I went over to Manure Pile Buttress and climbed After Six (5.7), After Seven (5.8), C.S. Concerto (5.8), and Nutcracker (5.8) and we all learned that drinking water is needed not to be dehydrated.  It was pretty painful at the end of the day.  The great thing is that we all climbed over 12 pitches a piece!  And after that, we hit up the Curry Village Pizza and filled up every water bottle we had in the car. ;)


Seth left Friday night to meet his family in Kings Canyon and Garrett replaced him.  Saturday was a bit more tame.  Went over to Glacier Point Apron and climbed the Grack (5.6) and Hairy Daly (5.8) and then went over and climbed Bishops Terrace (5.8).  I was somewhat lame and sat out for Hairy Daly since I was burning up and Bishops Terrace since I climbed it 2 weeks before.  But Dave, Nicole, and Garrett tore it up!

(Hangin' at the car)

On Sunday, we decided to head up to climb some 5.7's, 5.8's, and a 5.9 at Knob Hill.  Amazing climbs, but way too short!  After climbing those, we headed down and climbed a 5.9 sport route and a climb called Suds (5.9) that kept you thinking the whole climb.  End is pretty splitter though!  Beautiful crack!

(Garrett climbing Bishop's Terrace)

After a long Sunday of climbing, we left the valley and hit up the A&W/KFC for an amazing dinner and root beer float before driving the lovely 5 hour drive back to L.A.

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