Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July in San Diego

Pacific Beach in the summer is always a wild adventure. But when you are there for a holiday, let say the Fourth of July... it's insane. This was discovered by us this last weekend. Since there was no climbing adventure planned, I decided to head down to PB to stay at my brothers house to hang out. The newly weds (Scotty and Nikki Clark) also came down to San Diego for the weekend.

I drove down Thursday night after an unexpected nap which caused me to leave two hours later than expected. It's all good though, I only sat in traffic twice. Yea-Ya! Scott and Nikki also drove down Thursday and stayed up in Del Mar (better option the PB).

(Del Mar Coastline)

The Fourth started off in perfect form, surfing in Del Mar. Scott, Nikki, Scott's stepdad, and I hit the water and all had a great time. Nikki didn't last long due to a wave incident. And when I say incident, I mean she couldn't get past the breakers. But, she gave it a shot! :) So the three of us surfed for a good two hours in some nice glassy 3-4 foot waves.

(Nikki & Scott re-enacting 'We Did It')

After surfing, I headed back to PB to hit up a party my brother was at. Scott and Nikki joined later in the day after picking up scuba gear. The party was pretty interesting. We learned the technical rules to beer pong, that Scotty knows too much about blow-up dolls, and some folks really get psyched about winning drinking games.

(Burgers on the bay)

After the party, the newly weds and I headed off to Mission Bay to BBQ and watch the fireworks. After Scotty proving that he will never be in charge of flipping burgers or handling cheese, we had some amazing burgers right before the fireworks started. The Fireworks were okay. Not amazing, but they amused us for a good half hour. So that worked well.

(Fireworks over Mission Bay)

Saturday, my brother and I decided to head up to Del Mar and hit the surf. Jeff played in the whitewater for a bit while I messed around in the line up. Waves we 2-4 foot inconsistent and choppy. Nothing like the morning before. Even so, we both had a good time and In & Out made for a great after surfing lunch!

After all of that, I decided I had enough PB for a weekend and decided to head back on Saturday to get home and miss LA Sunday traffic. Sunday I slept all day except for a 1.5 hour bike ride in my backyard! :)

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