Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Winter ascent of Baden Powell

So after many snowboarding trips up to Mammoth and two months of letting my knee heal, I finally got to get out in the backcountry with my camera. It's definitely been too long. The plan was to get in a winter ascent of Baden Powell in SoCal. Bob set it up and an amazing crowd showed up Saturday morning at the parking lot to take on BP. Hikers included Bob, Dave, Carlos, Anthony, Kat, Todd, Amie, Seth, Jen, Mike, and myself. Like I said, it was an impressive sized group.

(Seth making it through the snow)

We left the parking lot and headed up to Wrightwood and got ready for the exciting 10 mile hike.  The week before, it dumped a good three to four feet in the mountains.  Therefore snowshoes were going to be needed.  All of us except Dave wore snowshoes.  Dave was smart and brought his splitboard so that he could enjoy the untracked snow on the way down from the summit.  

(Dave on the splitboard)

The hike was a bit tricky right of the bat...  Steep slopes and fresh snow made challenging.  But the company made the hike seem less strenuous.  

(Going up!)

After two hours, the group split into a few groups.  Bob, Anthony, and Cat were in the back just enjoying the perfect weather.  Amie and Todd had to make a Valentines dinner, so they turn back.  Jen's feet where getting cold, so Seth and Jen turned around about a mile from the summit.  I was considering turning around, but Dave and Carlos tricked me into thinking we were right at the summit.  What can I say, I'm gullible.

(Dave and Carlos making their way up.)

After another half an hour or so, the summit was in our sights.  Dave, Carlos, and I summit at 3:00 pm. 

(View from the summit...)

After hanging out at the summit for thirty minutes, we decide to head back to down to meet the others in Wrightwood for pizza and beer.  Always a good ending to a stellar day!

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