Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mammoth and No Riding? No Problem!

A weekend in Mammoth and no snowboarding, could this be possible?  After multiple trips of heading up and spending over $900 on lift tickets, I decided that I need to put a hold on my ski season and enjoy the other activities Mammoth Lakes has to offer during the winter.  So the thought was to hike in the backcountry on Friday and cross country ski on Saturday.  Turned out to be a great time!  Heading up to Mammoth with me was the normal Mammoth crowd as well as Serene and Andy. 

(The Sherwins)

On Friday, when everyone was getting set up to head off to the mountain, Serene and I got ready to head into the backcountry and enjoy the perfect blue bird day.  Grabbing the snowshoes, some water, some treats, and the camera we drive out to head up to the Sherwin Lakes.  

(Serene Hanging out!)

The hike was awesome and weather was perfect!  Sunny and temperatures in the mid 40's, you couldn't ask for a better day.  Serene and I made it to a nice little clearing up in the mountains where we decided lunch was needed.  I also decided a snowman was also needed.  It turned out to be a jabba the hut snowman...  

(My snowman!)

On Saturday Justin, Andy, Serene, and I decided to make it out to the cross country tracks and screw around for an afternoon.  We found out I am not a pro at cross country skiing and that I cannot cross country ski backwards down a hill.  I tried.  Still super fun and we found out that the cute girls that work the rental shop are climbers.  So with that discovery, I'll be back.  Great Weekend!

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