Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day Trip to Alabama Hills

With the sun setting later in the day, the start of day trips to local crags with good friends was inevitable.  So since I climbed trad the weekend before in Joshua Tree NP, I decided to try to talk some folks into a day trip to Alabama Hills to climb fun sport routes.  After some emails, I was able to get Garrett, Seth, Jen, and Justin to commit to a fun day trip.  So we piled into my lovely Accord and headed up north.

(Justin sending)

We all go on some fun climbs and Garrett, Seth, and I all got in our first leads of the 2009 year! 
(This face is for you Nicole)

After 8 climbs, my hands were thrashed, so I climbed half way up a route and took some pictures of Justin sending a 5.11a.


All in all, super fun day!  Was nice hanging out and getting some climbs in.  Felt like old times since Justin was in town!  

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nicole norstrud said...

by the way . . i miss that face!